Online resources & program information

Quantiki: Introductory Tutorials
Quantiki is a Wiki project focused on Quantum Technologies.

Quantum Information Science
This website contains a report from an NSF workshop on Quantum Information Science with historical information about the field.

NIST Physical Measurement Laboratory's Quantum Information Program

Quantum Information Science & Technology Roadmapping Project
The Quantum Information Science and Technology Roadmap discusses advanced and novel ideas in the field. It is updated (at least) annually, and is maintained by Los Alamos National Labs.

University of Oxford Computing Laboratory
The University of Oxford's Computer Science Department.

Berkeley Quantum Information & Computation Center
The University of California group's seminars, workshops, and meetings.

Waterloo Institute for Quantum Computing
Current research, projects, and information.

Joint Quantum Institute
The Joint Quantum Institute is a joint effort between the University of Maryland and NIST. Though their focus is on Quantum Mechanics in general, they have a group researching Quantum Information.

Caltech Institute for Quantum Information

Institute for Quantum Information Science at the University of Calgary

Quantum Information Science @ MIT
The MIT quantum information science group.

University of Cambridge – Centre for Quantum Computation
The University of Cambridge CQC has a myriad of learning materials, including video lectures on computational complexity and quantum computation.

Quantum Information Science Group at Stanford
Professor Yoshihisa Yamamoto's Quantum information Science group website.

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